Blog 3 – Information Architecture Design of a Corporate Web Site

The purpose of Blog 3 is for you to apply what you have learnt about Information Architecture to design/plan a corporate web site. Complete all of the following tasks using your blog: Design a web site about something that you like (preferably business or educational in nature). The web site must be of a small... Continue Reading →


Blog 1 – Information Seeking, Classification and Organisation

Use the pearl growing method for information seeking to search for information about “Electronic Record and Documents Management” and “Digital Asset Management”. Using a minimum of 500 words: Describe what you found/learnt about “Electronic Record and Documents Management” and “Digital Asset Management”. (Remember to provide references to authoritative sources) Electronic Record and Documents Management Electronic... Continue Reading →

Exercise 1 – Introduction to Information Architecture

1.What is information? Describe the qualities of information Information is the knowledge shared or received to provide a context with meaning. Information can augment understanding and decision making whilst decreasing the uncertainty of a particular subject matter. The qualities of information; Accurate – information should be fair and impartial. Accurate information should not have errors... Continue Reading →

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